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Friday, October 06, 2006

Yappy Hour: Sunday

There's another Yappy Hour, 6 pm-10 pm at China Grill, 404 Washington Ave., on South Beach. It's a PetNet benefit event, PetNet being the young professionals group of the Humane Society of Greater Miami/Adopt-A-Pet. For a $20 donation, you get one free Zyr Vodka drink, more Vodka drink specials, and noshes. Patio diners will get a 10% meal discount. Pets, of course, are welcome.

Go to the Humane Society/Adopt a Pet website for more info.

Injured Dog Takes Himself to the ER

This is a great story: A guard dog in California was hit by a car and made his own way to the hospital. The video news story is at

The Internet: It's a Beautiful Thing

Last month, I posted a wonderful photo that ran with a story I wrote days after the World Trade Center's destruction on Sept. 11, 2001: Lower Manhattan resident Catherine Redmond and her border collie, Molly, kissing through the dust mask Catherine was wearing.

Somehow Catherine - an artist and teacher - happened upon the blog, saw the picture (and the story that accompanied it), and e-mailed me. It was terrific to hear from her, to learn that Molly is alive and well, and that BOTH of them have their own blogs.

Catherine says that Molly and her best friend, Tina - whose mom took in Catherine and Molly during the post-9/11, month-long neighborhood evacuation - work on the blog together, as Nanny Molly and Nanny Tina. It's called Nanny Notes: The comments and adventures of two TriBeCa Nannies. I just went there and let me tell you, it's worth a visit. The "nannies" have quite a lot to say (including some priceless fashion advice for Adam Gadhan, the pathetic loser American who has thrown in with Osama's crowd and recently released a tape urging us all to do the same).

The tone is part Miss Manners, part hip-hop princess, and 100 percent clever. The photo illustrations are brilliant, and there are links to various worthy charities.

At Catherine's blog, you can see some of her wonderful, color-splashed paintings and touching 9-11 photos. She tells me that she felt numb for years after that horrible day, which is clearly referenced in otherwise cheery still-lives. As someone who can't draw a straight line, I so admire creative people who can wear their hearts on the end of a paintbrush, or the notes they put on paper. I admire even more those who can find beauty amidst the ashes.

I hope to see both Catherine and Molly under happier circumstances one day soon.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Graduation Day

This is Max Dorotea's PetsMart beginners obedience class graduation photo. He sure looks up to his "teacher," Jordy!

Party Time!

It's the one-year anniversary of Miami-Dade Animal Services becoming a full-fledged county department, and director Dr. Sara Pizano is planning a big soiree on Saturday from 5 p.m.-9 p.m. at the shelter, 7401 NW 74 St., Medley.

There will be music, a three-tiered birthday with a very special decoration, and the unveiling of a new ad campaign.

It's the perfect opportunity to adopt a shelter dog or cat. Adopters will get their pictures taken with their new best friend, and get a pet goodie bag. It's also the perfect opportunity to note that for the first time, adoptions from the shelter hit the 6,000 mark for a year (Sept. 30, 2005-Oct. 1, 2006). That's nothing short of a miracle, so if you go, give Dr. Pizano a big pat on the back for overhauling that very troubled facility in so short a time.

If you're a homeowner, you need to bring proof of home ownership; renters bring authorization from your landlord to have a pet. Adoption fees apply, and donations of dog or cat toys are gratefully accepted.

Visit the department's website for more information, or call 305-884-1101.

Reminder About a Charity Dog Wash

It's Sunday, Oct. 8, for George Stein, a 50-year-old kennel attendant at Extra Care Animal Hospital in Davie, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and because he's newly insured, his expenses might not be covered. He's single, with six cats, and no family except an elderly mom.

So bring a dirty dog or two from 10 am-2 pm at Extra Care. You'll be able to buy sodas and hot dogs while your dirty dogs get all spiffed up.

Donations are welcome c/o Extra Care Animal Hospital, 950 S. Flamingo Rd., Davie, FL 33325.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Save These Kitties!

From my colleague Pam, who rescues cats:

Desperately seeking ... GOOD homes! No Halloween funny business or weirdos, for these four short-haired black kittens, which are literally on death row at Gilley Animal Clinic, 27008 South Dixie Hwy., Naranja. (305) 247-1777. They've been in a cage with a "free to good home" sign for more than a month, but no takers.

They are three males and one female, 3-4 months old, sweet and friendly. They've had one of their kitten shots and will get a second, as well as rabies. They purr if you so much as look at them, and badly want to get out to play.

Hope someone will give one, two, or all four a home soon, because I'm told they'll be euthanized shortly if nobody takes them. It's heart-breaking!

I'll set up FREE spay or neuter for them with Miami-Dade County, if someone will just offer a safe home. Please: can't anyone help them?

Contact Pam, at 239-398-8538, or e-mail

Thanks for your help!

Celebrities' Donate Goodies for Humane Society Auction

The Humane Society of the United States is holding an online benefit auction, offering a bunch of unique items donated by celebs. They're calling it “Star Stuff For Animals,” Oct. 16-Nov. 17. How can you possibly live without "Cher’s five-button jacket with a beaded collar and pockets?"

Visit the Humane Society's website for more details.

Stolen Horse

This was sent to a Florida rescuer who sent it to me, about a horse stolen in Georgia.


We really need your help. Last night, 9/30/06, a friend of mine's black stallion was stolen out of her pasture in Canton, GA. He is a 17.3 HH Selle Francais stallion. He is 19 years old and 1500lbs. He has no distiguishing marks as he is pure black. However, his muzzle and under his flanks may appear brown due to sun bleaching. He also shivers with his hind legs when you try to pick them up. Attached are two pictures of him. Please pass this information on to as many friends as you can as we are desperate to have him home again.

Anyone who has information about this horse, please notify the Cherokee County Police Department in Canton GA @ 770-844-6777, and ask for Deputy McNeal and refer to the case # 06-92843.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good News From WOOF Patrol

From Yvonne Conza and Pomo, mascot of the Miami Beach WOOF Patrol, comes news that Jorge M. Gonalez, city manager, has recommended that dogs be allowed on the beachwalk between 14th and 21st streets permanently, subject to the following conditions:
· Dogs are allowed on the beachwalk between 14th and 21st streets only.
· All dogs must remain leashed.
· Dog walkers/owners are required to clean up after them at all times.
· Pets are not allowed on the Beach or Dune system at any time.
· *All dogs must have a valid Miami-Dade county tag at all times.
· Pet owners not in compliance with any of the above provision or with an aggressive pet will be required to leave the beachwalk. Dogs must have up-to-date rabies shot and be licensed.

"The Chairman and Members of the Neighborhoods and Community Affairs Committee voted unanimously in favor of his recommendation," Yvonne reports. "On October 11, at the City Commissioners meeting, they are likely to vote in favor of permanent status for the pet-friendly beach walk."

Pomo, a 4-year-old Shih Tzu, reminds everyone to: “Pick Up and Leash Up; Keep our Beaches and Cities BOW-WOW Clean and Safe.”

Pets in Condos is On the Air

Recently, David Shapiro, vice president of Pets in Condos, the organization fighting the pet-exclusionary policies of many buildings, made his case on a Virginia radio program called On the Commons. Click here to listen.

The Governator Terminates Tethering

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill outlawing the thethering of dogs for more than three hours. Dogs tied up for long periods grow lonely and frustrated. They often act out by biting and attacking. They get hurt and sick from exposure to the elements. Arnold did a good thing.

Click here for the story.

Monday, October 02, 2006

A Shelter Pet's Stage Debut

From the Humane Society of Broward County (with thanks to my friend Christine Dolen, Herald theater critic and doting mom of Biscuit, for sending it along).

Shelter alum, Duffy a 4-year-old male Havanese, adopted from the Humane Society three years ago, will appear in the first act of Annie on opening night, Oct. 3. Duffy and his mom, who live in Plantation, are Humane Society education volunteers who visit schools and special events.

Cherie Wachter, Marketing Director at the HSBC, says that, "This is the first time that we know of that one of our former shelter guests has appeared in something so exciting. We are all very proud of Duffy and his mom."

This is also "Kids' Night on Broadway." One child will be admitted free for every adult ticket purchased. Call 954-462-0222 for tickets. The secret password is SANDY.

For more information about HSBC, go to

Artifically Sweetened Treats a Trick for Dogs

A report in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association points to the sugar substitute xylitol as a possible cause of canine liver failure.

Click here to read the story.