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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cat-astrophe Averted Here in NYC

The saga of Molly the cat caught in a Lower Manhattan shop wall ended happily Friday night when she was rescued. It's been a big story here, as is any hard-luck animal story in this critter-crazy city.

Today's NY Times headline is:

The Fraidy-Cat of Hudson Street Is Yanked to Safety

The epic search for Molly, the black, 11-month-old fraidy-cat stuck in the wall of a Greenwich village food store for two weeks, ended in jubilation last night after rescue workers spotted her in a small opening and quickly yanked her to safety.

Peter Myers, the owner of the shop Myers of Keswick, at 634 Hudson Street, with his cat Molly. Molly, an 11-month-old black mouser, was trapped between walls for two weeks.

Molly's return came at 10:13 p.m., prompting a crowd of dozens of reporters, photographers and neighborhood residents who had gathered outside the shop, Myers of Keswick at 634 Hudson Street, to erupt in cheers. Rescue workers said they had traced Molly's plaintive meows to an area near the ceiling of the shop, drilled a small hole and spotted her crouched and pinned in a dark crawl space between that building and one next to it.

"I saw her eyes shining in the light," said Kevin Clifford, 33, the worker who pulled her out. "I was calling her, and she was meowing to me. She was scared."

To read the rest of it, go to

Friday, April 14, 2006

Mihos Tactics Turn Dogmatic

That's a recent headline in the Boston Globe (thanks to my sister, Joanne, for the clip) about the efforts of Massachussetts gubernatorial hopeful Christy Mihos, a department store magnate, to sign up canines for his campaign. His Yorkie, Reagan (Mihos is a Republican, needless to say, but running as an independent), is featured on his website, which asserts that Reagan hates "no dogs allowed'' signs. Go here for the Globe story.

And go here for the official Reagan campaign photo.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's a New York Dog's Life

People come to New York, they want to see the sights, take in some shows, eat in great restaurants. I'm here several days a month (for family reasons) and my favorite attraction is the doggy gym/spa around the corner from my parents' apartment. It's called Biscuits & Bath, and it's a regular stop for me, at least once a day.

In a city where professional dog walkers can actually make a living doing only that -you should see them, with 8, 10 dogs at a time hitched to a metal ring at the walker's waist - nothing is too good for many apartment dwellers' canine companions. You can easily spend $25 a day on walks, even more on day care.

Biscuits & Bath, which has plate-glass windows running the length of the gym so that passersby can watch the antics, has scores of day-care clients. For part of the day, the small and medium dogs get to romp in the gym with human playmates who toss balls, dance around, and roll on the floor (there's a preponderance of Jack Russells and pugs in this group).

Then it's the big dogs' turn (this group seems heavy on retrievers), so whenever I stop by, I'm treated to a spectacle of leaping and barking and neck chewing. It makes me not miss my own critters so much.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bow-Wow Luau

Thanks to Wendy Doscher-Smith, pet photog and all-around critter lover, for a headsup about this, which promises to be tons 'o fun while benefitting a good cause:

The Town of Miami Lakes Cultural Affairs Committee presents Pet Parade & Four-Legged Luau, Sunday, April 30, to benefit Pet Rescue.

When: Registration 10 am; start time 11.
Where: Graham Park, Miami Lakes (between Meadow Walk Lane and Bull Run Road just west of Ludlam Road).
What: A 1/4-mile parade around the lake; limbo (see how low you and your dog can go)! An IQ test for your dog; character artist; bake sale; live music; $500 raffle (and prize raffles throughout the event).
How much: $25 per family (in advance), which includes a doggy bag and a free raffle ticket. Day of event: $30 per family, with no guarantee of a doggy bag or free raffle ticket.

You can print the regitration form at and mail it to Pet Rescue, Inc., 3440 NW 191 Street, Miami, FL 33056, with your $25 fee.

Monday, April 10, 2006

At Sabbath Rescue, a Savior of Strays Never Has a Day of Rest

You've probably seen the ads in the Herald's classified section: pictures of dogs seeking homes and the tag line: Call Robbie at Sabbath Rescue, a nonprofit.

I'll be doing a story for the paper soon (I'll be in New York all this week and will blog on the dog-friendliest place in America from there) about this organization and its founder, Robbie Coy. He named his rescue group after his late and much lamented lab/border collie, Sabbath (named not for the day of rest but for the rock group Black Sabbath, which he saw in concert the day before finding his dog).

"He was pulled from under a trailer when I was 21, which was 23 years ago. He lived a long and healthy life.''

In his memory and honor, Coy, who shelters strays and animal-shelter rescues in a warehouse adjacent to his t-shirt business (sorry, no address; too many dogs get dumped there as it is) decided to save as many at-risk dogs as possible. He says he places 20-30 per month.

And he says he spends up to $40,000 a year caring for the dogs until they can be placed. He's always looking for donations to support his mission.

So check out the Sabbath Rescue classifieds if you're seeking a canine companion. Robbie Coy can be reached at 305-799-1567.