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Thursday, October 12, 2006

A WOOF Patrol Triumph

The Miami Beach beachwalk, between 14th and 21st streets, is now permanently dog-friendly, thanks to the WOOF Patrol, intrepid dog lovers who convinced the City Commission that pooches and people could easily co-exist on the beachwalk.

They did this by pushing a clean-up operation that includes poop-bag dispensers. The reward, as articulate by one commissioner:

Because of the hard work of the Woof Patrol, the permanent pet friendly beach walk has turned out to be a non controversial item that the administration and the Commission now both support.

The Commission accepted the report of the Neighborhoods Committee, so the permanent pet friendly Beach Walk will now go into effect.


Saul - (Commissioner Saul Gross)

WOOF Patrol fairy godmother Yvonne Conza, congratulates everyone involved, and urges continued support "for other dog-related issues and interests, such as the dog beach that is currently under consideration. Between WOOF Patrol and Responsible Dog Owners of Miami Beach one thing is certain – Miami Beach is passionate about their dogs and quality of life issues."

Enjoy the canine-friendly strolling, she says, but keep an eye out for any "errant pet owner who has left behind what needs picking up. Do everyone a favor: pick up for them. Work together and continue to create Pawsitive Social Pressure."


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