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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Save These Kitties!

From my colleague Pam, who rescues cats:

Desperately seeking ... GOOD homes! No Halloween funny business or weirdos, for these four short-haired black kittens, which are literally on death row at Gilley Animal Clinic, 27008 South Dixie Hwy., Naranja. (305) 247-1777. They've been in a cage with a "free to good home" sign for more than a month, but no takers.

They are three males and one female, 3-4 months old, sweet and friendly. They've had one of their kitten shots and will get a second, as well as rabies. They purr if you so much as look at them, and badly want to get out to play.

Hope someone will give one, two, or all four a home soon, because I'm told they'll be euthanized shortly if nobody takes them. It's heart-breaking!

I'll set up FREE spay or neuter for them with Miami-Dade County, if someone will just offer a safe home. Please: can't anyone help them?

Contact Pam, at 239-398-8538, or e-mail

Thanks for your help!


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