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Friday, October 20, 2006

Looking for Unconditional Love? Try the Litter Box

If you're an American female of a certain age - that would be "middle" - you might recall an early '80s joke book called Cucumbers are Better Than Men Beacuse....This was considered fairly risque at the time, and was a hot item at bachelorette parties and the like. Not much imagination is required to list the reasons why a cucumber might be preferable to an actual male human being.

So now comes the feline-lovers' version: 101 Reasons to Dump Your Man and Get a Cat: So you man's just NOT that into you? Your cat is! (William Morrow, $14.95). The subtitle, of course, goofs on the relationship best-seller, He's Just Not That Into You.

The author is Molly Katz ("yeah, really!" as the title page says), who was inspired by Buddy, "a beautiful tuxedo with a delicious soft coat and an irresistible baritone purr."

Among her reasons:

"Cats hunt alone, not out with the guys."
"When a cat thinks he's doing something charming, he is."
"There's only so much pillow a cat can hog."
And my personal favorite: "Your cat won't admit he;s wrong either, but at least he doesn't keep you up all night trying to prove he's right."