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Friday, October 13, 2006

A Kind Dog Comforts the Grieving

This is a beautiful story from the Boca Raton News about a therapy dog who greets mourners at a cemetery. What a great idea! When my mom died in July, I had a transcendant encounter with a therapy dog in the hospital hallway (see July 9 posting) and I can tell you she gave me a moment of such tenderness at the worst time of my life.

What makes this story even more touching is that Raffi, a golden retriever, is a rescue dog. The story credits Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue when in fact it was Tropical Dawg. Click here to read the story, and click here to check out the Tropical Dawg site.


Anonymous Cyndi said...

Thanks Ellie for posting this. and o make the story even better when we got this dog into rescue she bite Carols dog Quincy. But Carol insisited there was nothing wrong with her that it was all Quincy's fault. So we stuck toit and found her a home as only dog.
Raffi will be at our rescue day/doggy blood drive that we are having up here in Boca on November 19th. along with a bunch of other local rescues, a dj, a clown, a raffle for those participating rescues and what ever else I can muster up.

8:32 PM  
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