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Friday, October 06, 2006

The Internet: It's a Beautiful Thing

Last month, I posted a wonderful photo that ran with a story I wrote days after the World Trade Center's destruction on Sept. 11, 2001: Lower Manhattan resident Catherine Redmond and her border collie, Molly, kissing through the dust mask Catherine was wearing.

Somehow Catherine - an artist and teacher - happened upon the blog, saw the picture (and the story that accompanied it), and e-mailed me. It was terrific to hear from her, to learn that Molly is alive and well, and that BOTH of them have their own blogs.

Catherine says that Molly and her best friend, Tina - whose mom took in Catherine and Molly during the post-9/11, month-long neighborhood evacuation - work on the blog together, as Nanny Molly and Nanny Tina. It's called Nanny Notes: The comments and adventures of two TriBeCa Nannies. I just went there and let me tell you, it's worth a visit. The "nannies" have quite a lot to say (including some priceless fashion advice for Adam Gadhan, the pathetic loser American who has thrown in with Osama's crowd and recently released a tape urging us all to do the same).

The tone is part Miss Manners, part hip-hop princess, and 100 percent clever. The photo illustrations are brilliant, and there are links to various worthy charities.

At Catherine's blog, you can see some of her wonderful, color-splashed paintings and touching 9-11 photos. She tells me that she felt numb for years after that horrible day, which is clearly referenced in otherwise cheery still-lives. As someone who can't draw a straight line, I so admire creative people who can wear their hearts on the end of a paintbrush, or the notes they put on paper. I admire even more those who can find beauty amidst the ashes.

I hope to see both Catherine and Molly under happier circumstances one day soon.


Blogger MollyNanny said...

Ms Brecher, we have linked to your blog and instructed our devoted Readers to tune in. Thank you for your generous mention. What designer do you wear when you're at the keyboard? Yves? Prada? That's a sort of professional blogger question readers always ask me so I thought I would ask you.


5:19 PM  
Blogger ellie said...

Dear Molly Nanny,

I know this will offend your refined sensibilities, but I'm a fashion failure. The only label in my closet you'd recognize is the Cole Haan in several pairs of shoes. Otherwise, it's jeans and the thrift shop for this girl. Being vertically challenged doesn't help. Ever scoped out a petite department? Feh! But I welcome your tasteful advice.

6:24 PM  
Blogger tinaNanny said...

Ellie, Ellie, pull yourself together! Not only was I born in a Petit Department (Loehman's in Queens) but I have spent several fortunes on girdles and brassieres that push and shove tings from one area to another. All dis because I was born wit alot of floor plan and not much air rights. Still, I managed to embrace my inna Diva. You stick wit us Nannies and before long you'll be featured in W or WWI or WMD or WD40--whatever. You know da mag.

It's a pleasure ta meet ya!

Nanny Tina, Diva

8:35 PM  

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