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Monday, October 23, 2006

Greetings from (chilly/windy) NYC

Y'know, when you live in SoFla and it's 90 degrees in mid-October, you tend to forget that it isn't 90 degrees everywhere else. I'd settle for 70. Brrrr. It's breezy here. I've even seen some teeny-tiny dogs in fashionable fall knitwear.

From the NY Times a couple days ago: this story by my one-time Miami Herald colleague Cara Buckley, about training dogs to sniff out the weapons of terrorism. Click here.

And here's a really wild one about a dog trainer whose pet parrot squawked and pretty much gave away the plot of an attempted murder. Turns out the intended victim has the loyalty of Lassie, however, so there's a surprised result. Click here to read the story.