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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fort Lauderdale Woman Crusades to Save an Abused Dog Thousands of Miles Away

This story makes me absolutely want to retch. The Tacoma News Tribune reported the arrest of a true degenerate under Washington's new cruelty law criminalizing beastiality (it took them THIS long?)

Pierce County prosecutors say that the wife of Micahel Patrick McPhail, 26, snapped pictures on her camera phone of her charming husband having sexual intercourse with Sara, their pit bull ON THE FRONT PORCH! He could get a year in jail if convicted, but guess who's going to get the death penalty? You got it: Sara.

There's a national uprising against this, and one of the key players is Laura Enneian of Fort Lauderdale, a 28-year-old Nova Southeastern University program manager. She's the mom of four dogs: two Pekes, a poodle/shih tzu mix, and a male dog of indeterminate lineage.

Since reading the story Saturday on Yahoo News, she has been furiously e-mailing anyone who'll listen about the doomed Sara, who's been deemed "aggressive'' by animal control officials (uh, can you BLAME her?)

Laura was so shocked by this that she overnight became an animal activist. I just talked to her and she said the following:

"I had to do something about it. I contacted everyone - the Pierce Co. Humane Society, animal control, Pasado's Safe Haven," a Tacoma rescue group. "I did an interview with the Seattle Times. I've been getting calls from every state. My
e-mails have been forwarded and forwarded, and it's amazing what animal people can do."

Sara will be kept as evidence at least through the trial, which is scheduled for Dec. 11. Until then, she'll be in solitary confinement. Scooter, another dog at the house, also went to the county shelter and will be placed for adoption.

The Sara case has changed Laura's life.

"I really hate to say this," she told me, "but I've been very ignorant about what's going on with animals...What hit me so hard was that this dog was punished already and would be punished a second time for something she didn't do wrong. It's hard to hear and think about, but I told myself to get past it and do something. I totally believe that's what I'm here for, for Sara and the rest of them."

Laura urges everyone to visit the Pasado's Safe Haven site to see how you can get involved (the Dog Whisperer already is).

"They are trying to do everything they can, offering to take both dogs," Laura said. "Putting her in an isolated cage is not what she needs right now. She needs love and help. They're offering to pay a bond that would protect the public so they can take her and the male dog out. This is the group that's responsible for passing the law that makes this illegal."

She also said that the judge on the case "is an animal-rescue person," which is a hopeful sign.

Major kudos to Laura for spreading the word about this nasty situation.

Click here to read the original story in the Tacoma paper. There's also a follow-up.


Blogger Mary O'Connor-Shaver said...

Way to go Laura Enneian! I've been working closely with Rita Morgan of Pasado's Safe Haven on a campaign to ban dog auctions in Ohio - They are an amazing group of people!

Thanks for serving as a voice for those animals who cannot speak for themselves.

8:55 AM  
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