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Monday, October 09, 2006

Benefit Dog/Car Wash Raises Big $$

Check a couple of postings down about the benefit dog/car wash at Extra Care Animal Hospital in Davie yesterday, for an employee recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Jake and I took Harley - aka the Wooly Mammoth, about 130 lbs. - who totally hates water but, being the best-behaved dog alive, stood quietly, and with resignation accepted the indigity of being hosed down and shampooed. That's him on the far left, sheared for the summer last year so you don't quite get the full Wooly Mammoth effect.

Most of the other dogs there were about the size of squirrels, so we felt like the $10 being charged wasn't quite enough, and tossed a $20 in the jar (plus another buck for perhaps the best home-made brownie I've ever had in my life. There are some things worth gaining a pound in a single afternoon).

Tracy Tenner, a veteran dog trainer who operates Better Behavior, Inc., and works at the clinic, reports that the event raised nearly $2,000, and that about the same amount had already come in from donations prior to Sunday. That speaks very well of the pet-loving community's compassion for humans as well as critters.

The employee, George Stein, dropped by, and seemed truly touched by his colleagues' efforts on his behalf. Crazy for Critters wishes him the best of luck. Donations are still welcome c/o Extra Care Animal Hospital, 950 S. Flamingo Rd., Davie, FL 33325.