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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Trouble Continues at Tri-County

Scroll back to the post of Aug. 8 about a huge controversy at Tri-county Humane in Palm Beach County. There's a move afoot to oust director Jeanette Christos over what some volunteers consider substandard conditions.

Now the group who wants her gone has a website: It should be said that the shelter has passed recent inspections.


Anonymous cyndi Lenz said...

good for the boca animal lovers. one can only do a search for a woman who lost her microchipped dog during the hurracane last year. The dog was at tri county and it cost her thousands of dollars to get it back.
or when tri county stole a dog named Brownie from a homeless man named william -we raised the money to get brownie back and they refused to give brownie back. we took her to court and lost but only because Brownie had been placed.
Tri County is a designated recieving facility for stray dogs in west boca except the people who work there do not for microchips and the beleif of the people at the top is if you loose your dog you don't deserve to get your dog back.
The Palm Beach county animal and control will do anything about tri county and not the county comisssion either.
I'm writing about things i know about personaaly not any stories counless veterinarians have told me.
and their more
I live in west boca and I live in fear that one day I will not get home in time during a thunderstorm and my dog Casey will end up there and I'll never see him again. He'll be hidden in the back room and someone will sneakhim out of the state.
Dave Fraudenburg who was on the Boca Raton Council gave our community animal shelter away to one woman who rules with an iron fist. She has broguht diseases to Boca from MAC that we never had before.
The dogs from MAC are mixed with the healthy dogs.
My call would be give the animal back to the communithy where a whole group rescue people and with the help of other humane soceities could build a community shelter that we all could be proud of

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am worried that the Boca Animal Lover's will give up on their fight to help the animals at Tri County. I suppose the residents of Boca Raton could wait a few weeks until conditions worsen, and then start making our own unannounced visits to the shelter. The shelter has lost many of its best volunteers so it shouldn't take long for things to deteriorate. Every time I have gone there I wished I had a camera with me, or my cell phone to call 911!! I have to admit that I used to wonder how the volunteers and workers could come into that place everyday and think it was running fine. Now I know that in order to be allowed on the premises, to help, they had to keep quiet, use their own money to help the sickest animals, use their kind, sensible ways to recruit medical help from veterinarians. And then they'd have to be cautious to not be recognized and get any credit for being that liason for the shelter. If that happened they would be banished. If it were me, I would have thought, "Fine, I don't want to come back, struggle without me.". But those volunteers are very special people who stayed focused on the animals. It COST them financially and emotionally every day. Now the only recognition they get is to be labelled disgruntled former board members, volunteers etc. A veterinarian onsite would help tremendously, but a vet would have to be out of their mind to step foot in that place as it is now. I was always appalled by the number of dogs with distemper caged with or very close to animals that did not have the disease yet. I never knew which was worse... the sight of a dog's swollen head bobbing around involuntarily agitated by a barking noisy shelter, or the predicament of the healthy dog caged with them. I know many people who have gone there to adopt and decided that no dog could be healthy based on the appearance of some of them. And of course I also know many who did't adopt there because of the ludicrous adoption policies, or lack of them.
I realize that many of the conditions at Tricounty are just the hard consequences they accept to stay true to the no-kill philosophy.
But a major component of that philosophy is to aggressively spay and neuter. Both dogs I adopted from there were not. A promise from the new adopter to do that is plain foolish. I think that you'd be hard pressed to find another shelter anywhere that lets a dog or cat leave the shelter intact. I have two neighbors who adopted older dogs that were supposed to be spayed. Both dogs went into heat a short time later. I have heard that this has happened to others. I don't know if those other stories are true, but I did witness two instances of that.

1:14 AM  
Blogger pscotmo said...

BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT and STAY AWAY from the TRI-COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY, Management is corrupt, racist, discriminatory against both customers and employees, Nice paint job, TERRIBLE stuff going on behind the scenes..."VET" Trailer completely inappropriate and disease ridden, unsafe grounds for both animals and humans around this toxic timebomb...Jeanette Christos, the "CEO" of this dog dump, should be in PRISON for misappropriation of funds and generous donations, employee abuse, and most importantly, animal cruelty. 100% no kill shelter??? They kill animals DAILY there, have an oven on site, I kid you not, no records kept. Jeanette Christos will deny deny deny until shes blue in the face over several hundred allegations of abuse and misappropriation from established members of Boca Society major donators to the employees and customers complaints....SURE, we're ALL wrong Jeanette. She should be in PRISON. BOYCOTT TRI COUNTY STAY AWAY BRING YOUR FAMILY SOMEWHERE ELSE

11:08 PM  

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