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Friday, September 29, 2006

Rescue Me!

Cyndi Lenz, RN, and godmother of Tropical Dawg Golden Retriever Rescue, has for years been laboriously compiling a comprehensive guide to Florida breed-rescue groups. It's called the Skip's Pharmacy Rescue Book, and it's now for sale at $9.99.

Not only does it list every group from Afghanhound to Yorkshire terrier, it also has cat-rescue groups, non-breed-specific groups, national breed rescue groups and breed clubs. It's illustrated with pet snapshots, my favorite of which is on page 28: a dog that appears to be a shepherd of some sort with a bagel on its nose.

Cyndi and her husband, Dr. Skip Lenz, a compounding pharmacist, live in Boca Raton with their two Goldens: Machiavelli and Casey.

She includes articles she has written on choosing the right dog, the importance of buying heartworm medication from a vet, spaying and neutering, and microchipping.

To order the book, call 561-218-0111 or 800-553-7429. To learn more about Tropical Dawg, click here.


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