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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Founder of a Great Cause Needs Support NOW!

I've just taken a look at the Dogs Deserve Better website, and I highly recommend a visit there. This organization is dedicated to improving the lot of dogs tied, chained, and confined outside or in garages, a cruel practice that not only deprives pets of human contact but also of safety and protection.

Such animals often grow frustrated and hostile, and because they lack socialization to humans, may attack strangers who get near them. There are documented fatal maulings by chained dogs.

Tammy Grimes, the group's founder, was arrested on Monday for trying to help a dying, chained dog on private property. Rather than prosecute the negligent owners in the ironically named town of East Freedom, PA, law enforcement has charged Grimes with several serious criminal counts, forcing her to post an absurd $50,000 bond after she refused to return the dog.

So please visit to learn more about this humane and worthy project, and maybe buy a t-shirt or make a donation toward Grimes's legal fees.


Anonymous Cyndi Lenz said...

No one likes to see a dog chained up or hurt in anyway. But the fact remains - you can't steal people dogs just because you don't like the way they are being treated. We have a system. and the only way we are going to get respect is to utilize the sytem and make sure it works.
Every county has humane officers and thier job is to deal with situations like this. You tell them they go take care of it. Issue not resolved you ask the people if they want that dog and calmly explain why this is cruel.
That doesn't work fifty to a hundred bucks works every time. and a signed release.
That way no one came come back at you and call you thief. Please don't encourage people to steal dogs. It encourages people to behave in a godlike state and not follow the system which in south florida works really great. I have never, not one issue, where a humane office from either palm beach or broward has ignored my request for investigation. and always with a postive result.
I have to beleive in my heart that most people are ignorant not mean.If this womans system is broken she she should fix it. People like this ruin it for the rest of us who follow the rules and still get the job done.
When we need something they will point to her and call us a bunch of crazy loonie frnge elements.

8:26 AM  

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