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Friday, August 25, 2006

Slaughter of Katrina Dogs Still Unsolved

About a month after the storm - today's the one-year anniversary - animal rescuers and distraught pet owners made a grotesque discovery at a St. Bernard Parish school: dozens of dead, decomposing dogs, all of them shot. Evacuees had been told by sheriffs' deputies that they needed to leave, but that their animals would be safe at the school.

They were anything but safe; they were murdered, probably by cops. Ballistics tests have shown that the shells and bullets are the same type that police use. There's an ongoing investigation, and no one has yet collected a rescue group's $25,000 reward.

Click here to read the rescue group's account of what they found, then click here for an update that's months old but the last thing I could find on it.

Click here for a transcript of Anderson Cooper's live report for CNN at the time the animals were found. It's down at the bottom.


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