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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Rescuer's First Dispatch From Israel

Last week I wrote about Anabelle Taub, a South Florida rescuer headed to northern Israel to work with local humane groups on rescuing lost, abandoned and injured animals in the area near the Lebanese border that was heavily bombed.

Sunday, she sent her first e-mail about conditions there. I've exerpted from it and included one of the photos she shot. Another, of a decomposed dog that had been hit by a rocket, is too graphic for this blog.

A couple of hours into my arrival a call came in from an IDF (Israel Defense Force) soldier about a donkey struck by mine. We arrived at an army base on the border of Syria. Due to security reasons, I was only able to get one picture, which does not show location of base.

The donkey was struck in the a land mine area about 300 feet from the base. Because of the land mines...we could not go in to save him...His leg was blown off on Thursday (and) he has been sitting in this position for three days...We were supposed to go figure out what we were going to do today. Sadly, this morning the donkey died.

As we left the army base we got word of injured animals from the katushya rockets sent in by Hezbollah...This is the reason why I made this trip, because there is such a need for help. More photos to follow of those that are injured and are now in an animal clinic. I am devastated at what I saw on the first day of my arrival.


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