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Friday, August 25, 2006

Recent Pet-Related Stories in the Herald

I'm remiss in not having posted links to recent stories of interest in the Herald (I was gone last weekend and Monday, and have just caught up with the papers).

There was a dreadful incident in Broward County involving the mauling death of a young mom as she bathed her Presa Canario guard dog. It happened in front of her 9-year-old. Police shot the dog, which fell into the pool. This is the huge, powerful breed you might recall from an incident in San Francisco in which two Presas mauled a woman to death in an apartment hallway.

It has spurred local discussion of vicious and banned-breed laws (pit bulls are illegal in Miami-Dade County but not Broward).

Click here for the initial story and here, here , and , here for the followups.

Now here's a lighter story about kayaking with your pet. Click here.


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