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Friday, August 25, 2006

Highway the Flyover Dog, One Year (and a bit more) Later

If you were headed south on I-95 to Miami the morning of June 15, 2005, you may have gotten caught in a traffic jam courtesy of this guy.

For an hour, cops chased him around the Golden Glades flyover, the whole escapade covered like the OJ chase, from hovering news helicopters.

He was finally caught and given to Friends Forever, a rescue group. It took a couple of months to cure his heartworms and mange, and remove a cancerous leg tumor. He'd been horribly abused, and still has a BB in his chest.

Then Highway went to a new home in South Miami. Which happens to be that of my newsroom colleage Penny McCrea, and her husband, Dan (serious critter freaks).

She reports: "He’s my teddy bear and I am his moon and stars. (Such adoration!) The day I adopted him, he was very unsure of what was going to happen but by the evening he gave in. The funny thing was how he was trying to make up his mind about wanting to trust me; his front half went down in preparation for the submissive roll (and belly rub), but his rear end wouldn’t let him do it.

"He has the most gentle of natures and has never so much as issued a warning growl, which makes him useless as a guard dog; but he’s pretty good as a watch dog.

"Every morning, after he and Maggie (a chocolate lab who simply materialized on my front lawn one morning years ago in Hollywood, and ended up at Penny's) are fed, I follow up with a rawhide treat. Highway developed a priceless ritual for this: First he throws it up in the air, gamboling like a springtime lamb, next he rolls on it and, tail wagging wildly, squirms like he’s got the mother of all itches. Only then does he settle in for a good chew.

"He continues to eat like the starving refugee he was, so he’s rather portly and needs to go on a diet. And he still terrorizes one of my two cats."

Sounds like a happy ending for all (except the terrorized cat.)

If you want more information about Friends Forever, click here. They're a worthy group that deserves support.


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