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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

From the Mom of the South Florida Rescuer in Israel

Scroll down to the post about Anabelle Taub's trip, for background. Here's what her mom, Eva, reports:

"They need desperately $50,000 to build a shelter for the dogs that were collected by a Canadian lady who lives in a kibbutz next to Kiriat Shmona," heavily damaged in the fighting. "She rescued over 600 dogs [but] can only hold up to 200...The
kibbutz gives the land; they just need the funds."

Eva says that according to Anabelle, "it is so very, very hot that not even a fly is out during the day. They are moving some 30 dogs tomorrow to Tel Aviv, and then leaving for Zfat, where they where told they have many dogs that need to be
rescued. As for the Kiriat Shmona rescue, they will have to start working at night, as all the animals hide during the terrible heat. She said it is about 120 F in shade.

"They also, with the help of a local vet, vaccinated against rabies hundreds of the kibbutz where the Canadian lady keeps them."

If you want to communicate directly with Eva, her e-mail is


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