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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Looks Like the Miami Beach Woof Patrol is Here to Stay

From Yvonne Conza of Woof Patrol - worshipful human of the adorable Pomo - the news that the patrollers' efforts to keep the beachwalk poop-free are paying off.

She'd written to Mayor David Dermer and the Miami Beach commissioners, thanking them for their "continued support of pet owners. Voting in favor of a dog beach at the Land Use & Development Committee meeting was another way of supporting families and tourists so they can enjoy the unique and inspiring setting of Miami Beach.

"Next, we need to be certain that a pet-friendly beach walk becomes a permanent feature of Miami Beach. Therefore, WOOF Patrol is requesting that the expired pet-friendly beach walk program be placed on the Commissioner’s agenda. We’ve created a successful model that assures both the city and non-dog owners that dogs can be on the beach walk without sanitary concerns. Additionally, because of our efforts, the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the beach walk has been greatly improved...

"WOOF Patrol hasn’t stopped there. On top of patrolling the beach walk, we’ve grown to understand that other beach-front critters need to be heard from. Working with the Environmental Division of Miami Beach we developed a sea turtle poster. Animal Fair Magazine will be featuring an article that recognizes Miami Beach and their sea turtle initiatives. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to inform us of your position regarding request to make the pet-friendly beach walk a permanent feature of Miami Beach."

Which, apparently, it will be.

Here's a memo, copied to Yvonne, from Miami Beach Commissioner Saul Gross to Jorge M. Gonzalez, city manager, dated July 17:

Please refer to the September 27 Neighborhoods Committee meeting the issue of making permanent the pet friendly beachwalk.

Based on the excellent job done by the community, spearheaded by the Woof Patrol, in keeping the beachwalk clean during the trial period, I think this pet friendly policy should now be made permanent. Thank you.

Congrats to everyone who's been so dedicated to this cause.