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Monday, July 03, 2006

Letter Writer Agrees on Cat Gun Death

The other day I said I was incredulous about a jury's not-guilty verdict in a grotesque case involving a man who blew his cat's head off; he said she was sick but a vet said her conditions were totally treatable.

A letter to the editor in today's Herald echos my view:

Gullible jury

Re the June 29 story Cat's end violent, but not illegal: I can't believe that a jury would accept a medical diagnosis of a defense attorney over that of a veterinarian, who said a 13-year-old cat suffered from mange and a treatable heart condition. Where was the medical proof that the cat was ''near death'' or couldn't be cured?

A critter suffering from mange has been neglected. How did Michael Stueve, his neighbors and jury not recognize that a pet's health is a responsibility? It's possible that Stueve, who didn't show respect enough to take Mama Kitty to a vet for a diagnosis before killing her, wanted to save the cost and emotional effort this would involve.

Whatever led to Stueve's acquittal, his story sends a disturbing message that it's OK to kill pets when they get to be too much trouble.