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Monday, June 05, 2006

Sugar and Bear

These little fluffballs (Sugar has the toy) belong to Tammy McIntyre, who got them to help ease the pain of losing her beloved Malo, also a bichon.

Malo, who never went outside, disappeared after Hurricane Wilma. My colleague, Joan Fleischman, did an item about it in her column (Tammy was offering a $500 reward which, alas, failed to yield any leads).

But a woman called and offered to sell the two bichons she had. Tammy writes that they were in bad shape so she took them to save them.

"A couple of thousand dollars later, weeks with cones on their heads, medications, and plenty of home cooking and TLC, here they are today. They also got new names, and as you can see, are utterly spoiled! We never found Malo, but now have two million dollar babies!"

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