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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Check Tomorrow's Herald

... because I've got a story about two wonderful women spending the past couple of days rescuing abandoned animals from a condemned trailer park in Naranja, near Homestead. They called about noon to tell me they were out there trying to catch a hostile and worried mama dog and her many pups.

Seems that when the park closed down - condos are going up on the land, as they are on every square inch of South Florida not already occupied by something else - people just left their animals. Drove off and left them.

How crazy does THAT make me??

So Kathy Mello and Helene Summers have been out there wrangling critters, all of which need medical care, which they're getting at Roger Gilley's clinic (he's adored by rescuers in that part of the county because he'll treat every animal they bring in at a discount).

The puppies - some look like lab mixes, others like Australian shepherds, all too cute for words - will be placed for adoption by The Humane Society of Greater Miami & Adopt a Pet.

To check out the group's site, click here.


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