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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Still Looking for Bogey

No news on Bogey, the stolen Golden, yet. Take a look a few postings down for a plea to help return him to his heartbroken family, the Pinder-Quinteros, who live in the Calusa area of Kendall. I'm saying stolen, and not just lost, because it's now clear that's what happened.

Stan Pinder e-mailed the following yesterday:

''I just had a conversation in person for the first time with the former owner of the house that had the garage sale. He was there picking up the last of his things and I got some more details.

''He told me that Bogey was there for awhile and that he gave him some water. The woman that took him was saying that she really liked him and that if no one claimed him, she was going to keep him! He heard his wife say that she can't just take him because he belongs to someone.

''He then left for a while. When he returned is when found out that his wife had turned her attention for a moment and saw the woman driving away with Bogey in her car. It's confirmed in my opinion and his too that Bogey has been stolen for sure.''

A reader e-mailed with a similar sad (and infuriating) story:

''We more than empathize with this family. Our beloved blonde Golden male, Morgan, wandered out the front door when someone left it open, into the street in front of our house. A neighbor saw a woman stop her car and coax him (Goldens don't need much coaxing) into her car. He was on serious medications for a heart ailment and we've never seen him since.

''With all the dogs that are abandoned and in need of loving homes, I will never understand why someone would steal another person's pet. Perhaps this family will be luckier than we were, and get their Bogey back.''

In the name of all things moral and ethical, I sure hope so.


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