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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Smallish Pets Welcome on South Florida's Tri-Rail

Bonnie Arnold, marketing director for the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority's Tri-Rail, checked in to say she'd seen the item (below) about critters on New York public transportation, and wanted to let folks know what the Tri-Rail policy is (scroll down to the amusing Transportation Authority posters, starring dogs, in an earlier posting).

Bonnie wrote: "Pets are welcome on our trains at all times if they are enclosed in an appropriate carrier that is no larger than 9x13x21 inches. We have a number of service animals who travel with our regular commuters, some of whom have been specially trained to help their owners use Tri-Rail...Your readers might also want to know that the Broward Humane Society on Griffin Road is just to the west of our Fort Lauderdale Airport Station. If the cost of gas is impacting your ability to adopt a pet, the train is definitely an economical option, especially on the weekend when fares start at just $2."

Sounds like a good deal.


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