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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Read About Brian Kilcommons, Dog Trainer Extraordinaire

In 1996, I interviewed Brian Kilcommons, dog trainer to the stars and the American protege of the late British trainer Barbara Woodhouse, known for her "no bad dogs" philosophy and "Walkies!" rallying cry.

Brian was in Miami promoting his books (Good Owners, Great Dogs; and Good Owners, Great Cats, Warner Books), and giving a seminar at Barry University.

He's way funny and irreverent: witness his response to a woman at the seminar who wanted to know how to stop her neighbor's cats from using her yard as a bathroom.

"Try tobacco dust, which you get at the garden shop," Kilcommons advised. "If that doesn't work, try a feces catapult."

We subsequently became friends. (He and his wife, Sarah Wilson, have a 124-acre spread in Upstate New York where they keep sheep and multiple canines).

Time magazine's May 4 issue has a piece about his new My Smart Puppy DVD.

To read it, click here

To visit Brian's website, click here.