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Friday, May 12, 2006

The Queen Gets a New Castle

Queen Guenevere, the Miami-Dade Animal Services pet of the week, certainly brightened up the county's - how to say this nicely - really boring website.

This was called to my attention by my colleague, Tere Figueras Negrete, who covers county government and so trolls the website daily in search of news and tips. Yesterday she spotted Guenevere, resplendent in royal garb.

"This is by far the cutest thing on the county's web portal," said Tere. "Especially when you consider what else is on there. Water and Sewer Department? Trash pick-up? Can't compare to a cat with crown. Not even close."

Animal services today advised that she'd been adopted, but to see her on the site, click here.

I'm happy to report that the Queen's new family promises she'll have her own room with a tv and VCR. Now, THAT'S a cat's life!


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