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Monday, May 22, 2006

Mandy's Back! Another Miraculous Reunion

I'm thrilled to announce that Mandy, the runaway German shepherd, has been found (see postings below for background on Mandy's disapparance and the massive search). She's skinny but safe, and the story of her rescue is worthy of an HBO thriller. It's a tale of unshakable faith and of dedicated animal lovers pulling out all the stops to save one frightened creature. Everyone involved deserves huge attaboys/girls for hanging in there for Mandy.

Here's the e-mail that Suzanne sent describing how it happened. She said Mandy had lost 27 pounds. I commended her for going the extra mile, and she joked that it was actually an extra 3,720 miles (at $3 a gallon? Yikes!)

"As I was leaving Palm Beach County Saturday at 1 p.m., giving up hope, I told my friend Mary: 'I cannot do this any more, I am spent, and I have to leave it in God's hands. I need to wait and the phone to ring and pray.' I had been searching for the ninth time (driving across the entire state of Florida, from west to east) and since 5 that morning.

"My phone rang. A man said he had the dog in the poster, in his yard. I quickly turned around (and) asked him to catch her by whatever means. He called back and told me to slow down driving, that she was on a leash and safe.

"I turned in their driveway and just broke down! It was Mandy, she too had given up and let it "rest" in a "higher power's" hands as I did. She apparently jumped into their yard and was drawn to the screened pool area where there was a golden retriever and a small girl swimming. The girl saw Mandy and screamed to her mommy, 'That is the doggie in the poster, Mommy!'

"Sharon Lainhart (a friend of Carol Childs in rescue), went to draw her near with food. Maybe Mandy missed our daughter and our golden swimming in the pool and was drawn to her, or maybe she knew Sharon and her family were Christians and felt safe to let them help her!

"She apparently jumped into their yard over a fence, Mandy is 22 pounds and didn't have much reserve left! Anyhow, our nightmare is over and we can go on to helping more dogs and cats in need of rescue. Thank you for your prayers and help. You will not soon be forgotten ...if ever!"

Needless to say, Mandy will now live with Suzanne and her family, let's hope for a long, long time.


Blogger Stephanie said...

I just found your site via Dogster and this was the first post I read. What a wonderful introduction! The community of animal lovers is a wonderful thing.

1:07 PM  
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