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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Horse is a Horse...Of Course!

This past weekend, I was running errands in Broward County and happened upon a sidewalk bake sale for Dreamfinder Farms, a nonprofit horse rescue operation. I had exactly 76 cents in my wallet (how pathetic is that?) which I sheepishly dropped into the donation jar. And, in an act of supreme self control, I did NOT take any pastries.

But I did take a pamphlet, which explains that the group's mission is to "provide a positive environment to horses of all breeds that have been neglected, abused, abandoned, unwanted, retired and/or are at risk of going to slaughter or being euthanized for non-medical reasons."

I'm a sucker for horses. Used to ride fairly regularly as a kid, and of course badgered my parents for a pony for my birthday my entire childhood. One of my fondest memories is how my dad and I rode on the beach in Atlantic City in the '50s, when we went there for spring break (or Easter vacation, as it was then called).

This is a worthy cause for noble creatures. To learn more about Dreamfinder Farms (and maybe donate more than 76 cents), click here.


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