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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Desperately (Still) Seeking Mandy

Scroll down to "APB on a lost German shepherd" for the story and pictures of Mandy, who disappeared from Jupiter Farms. A widespread land/air search continues, and Suzanne, who rescued her, has sent updated information (from Mary Gelliarth in Palm Beach County). The good news is that there have been sightings: Saturday near the railroad tracks on Beeline Highway just east of Pratt Whitney Road. She appears to be covering approximately 7 east-west miles a day.

Here's the plan, per Mary, who credits Birgit, a trainer/dog-spa from the Juno Beach area:

We will not get Mandy; Mandy needs to get us. Therefore, we are focusing on one area only and not driving fruitlessly just to see her. We need to ask all dedicated helpers to focus the assistance to volunteering to sit at the second spot noted below, even if you take a book and lounge chair and appear to be enjoying the "natural area" governed by County Ordinance 94-13.

The sightings have been focused in two areas: the woods around Caloosa (C18 area; we believe she is crossing the Beeline underground through the shelves under the bridges); and on Pratt Whitney Road, approximately 1.8 mil. south of Indiantown Road. There is barely noticeable break in the fence there and if you look about 6 feet south of this broken fencing, you will see a No Trespassing sign on a pole with two Mandy posters facing North and two facing south. There is also one of those orange and white cable posts about 4 feet ahead of the broken fence area.

Some points to remember as we regroup and focus are:

If we see Mandy, don't go to her. Drop food in front of yourself, step back, drop some more, then lay down on the ground. You can call calmly and quietly call to her, like "Mandy, come puppy, puppy". Make yourself appear submissive and wait it out.

Bring batteries (size to be determined - keep reading), food and water for Mandy - hot dogs, cat food, dog food, any fresh food. We discovered that ants devoured the deboned rotisserie chicken one helper left her. Another person suggested floating the food in water, since animals who feed outside get their food this way.

Our only "litter" (really supplies which will be removed) are a large round cake pan filled with water and a bowl secured to the bottom of it in the middle. Please replenish her food and water, sit about two hours, call quietly for her, check the tape recording (not there yet; restart if necessary and change the batteries) and wait.

The bowl setup is hidden on the west side of the road where there is a break in the fence. It is back in a barely visible spot in the scrub. This morning's menu was liverwurst and hot dogs simmered in barbecue sauce. This evening's menu will be hot dogs. With any kind of luck, Mandy is getting it and not all other wildlife out there, but that's ok. She needs to get the scent and get to that spot.

Please don't leave cans/packages of food, etc. We have had considerable difficulty with PBSO near Florida Research Park. I personally leave the area we are staking out cleaner than finding it. We don't want to give any reason for them to push us out of our stakeout point.

Suzanne will be recording a tape/CD of her calling to Mandy. We will place the recording hidden in the scrub and keep it playing 24-7. We may need to change the batteries in the cassette player/CD. If you find it not playing and it is because of dead batteries, change them. Keep your battery receipt.

FLORIDA RESEARCH PARK IS NOT WHERE WE WANT MANDY. We have one business owner who has written a letter offering us to be on their property at any time but they are not liable for any damages if something happens. However, we do not want to flush Mandy there. There have been too many threats of shooting her as well as two cowboys who work for Florida Research Park property owners trying to bully us.

During this effort, we have made lots of new friends. Some have even rescued other animals! Some good stuff is coming out of this little scamp's adventure! A warm thanks to all and let's keep going like cats sitting motionless in one spot for hours to get the mouse they saw. They always get their mouse!

Call Suzanne Ruffini, 239-248-8999, or Mary, at 561 386 3584 (or text KI4HTP) if you want to help.