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Friday, May 12, 2006

APB on a Lost German Shepherd

This urgent "all points bulletin" came to me a few minutes ago from Suzanne, a rescuer in the Naples area, on Florida's West Coast. She's looking for Mandy, a shepherd that she fostered for four months then placed with a family in the Jupiter Farms area, clear across the state.

"She ran away from the family the very next day," Suzanne wrote. "It has now been 19 days! I have made 7 trips from my house to the Jupiter Farms area searching for Mandy, placing flyers, walking kennels at Palm Beach County Animal Control."

She's been getting calls from people who say they've spotted Mandy, "but she is probably so scared right now she's running from anyone! I have called professional trappers who tell me, 'She will come home,' and hang up the phone. I do have wonderful ladies and men who have taken days off from work to search for her, even a helicopter company who looks when they are up.

"We have, however, faced some opposition from the cowboys who say we cannot "walk" their property and say they will shoot her if they see her. With no help from the sheriff office either! I guess they think it's just a dog. Well, they are right: she's a dog, and our dog!"

Please, everyone in the Jupiter Farms area, keep an eye out for a lost, scared dog. If you have information, e-mail Suzanne at