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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

And They're Off!

It is, after all, racing season, with the last leg of the Triple Crown pending. That involves thoroughbred horses, of course, but I've been alerted to an upcoming race involving animal athletes who are considerably smaller.

Chihuahuas. Racing chihuahuas.

Seems that PETCO, the pet-products store, hosts races around the country, and there's one coming up in South Florida on June 3 at the PETCO, 12012 SW 88th St., Kendall. It's a biggie: the South Florida regional competition "in the company’s national Search for America’s Fastest Chihuahua," according to the press release.

"PETCO expects up to 300 Chihuahuas (and their owners) to compete in a day of races that will determine who from South Florida will compete in the national finals, to be held between innings of a major league baseball game on Sept. 3 at San Diego’s PETCO Park. Finalists get an all-expenses paid trip to San Diego, of course."

Bill Menezes, who boasts the amazing title of "Senior Media Relations Strategist," notes that while the whole idea sounds "silly" (and that it does), registration for the Los Angeles regional race, June 10, has topped out at 300 dogs. Other races are planned for New York City, Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco.

"Given that the Chihuahua is the seventh-most popular breed in Miami (according to the American Kennel Club), Petco expects a pretty big turnout for the South Florida event," he said.

So the action begins at 9 a.m. Should be fun. (These pictures are from a race last year).


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