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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Advice from a Rescue Pro

Cyndi Lenz, from Tropical Dawg, the Golden Retriever rescue operation, checked in with some observations and advice following Bogey's return, which I'm pleased to share.

She thinks it's a ''really bad idea'' to leave dogs outside in South Florida.

''Dogs that stay outside a lot develop terrible skin problems that are really hard to get rid of. It is too hot and humid here. Besides skin problems, there are ear infections.''

Quite charitably, she doubts that the person who took Bogey had bad intentions, but didn't know ''the routine when you find a dog,'' which should include posting on websites, placing a ''found dog'' ad in the newspaper, knocking on doors, checking with local vets (who can scan for a microchip), shelters and rescue groups, and putting up signs.

She continues: ''Having said that - dogs get stolen out of yards all the time and many times for neferious reasons. Goldens are used as bait for teaching dogs how to dog fight. This is not some charming New England hamlet where you let your dog out and expect to find it in your front yard when you get home.''

She points out that thunderstorm season is coming up, and recommends Rescue Remedy, a calming supplement, for nervous canines who might try to bolt if scared.

''My dog Casey has thunderstorm phobia, and even if my house is shut down like Fort Knox, he finds his way out,'' she said. ''He can open doors, flip up locks, open windows, push out screens and jump like the "Cow that jumped over the moon" if spooked.

''This from a dog who needs a hand up to get into the car.''

Thanks, Cyndi.

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