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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Their Golden's Gone, and a Family is Heartbroken

If you've ever had a pet disappear, you know the sick feeling of panic and grief that overtakes you. You imagine the worst, and until there's a happy ending, you can't sleep, eat, or concentrate.

Let's not even think about how you feel if there's no happy ending, which too often means you have no idea what happened to your pet.

I certainly hope the best for the Pinder-Quintero family of Kendall, who are frantic to find Bogey, their 10-month-old red Golden retriever. They believe he was taken from a neighbor's yard sale about 9:30 a.m. Saturday by a woman in a small maroon SUV. Neighbors described her as Hispanic, short and heavyset with short, bleached hair, in her 50s with a mole on one cheek.

According to Stan Pinder, a real estate agent, the family went out for the day Saturday and returned to find the gate open, and shreds of Bogey's red collar, with his tags, on the back porch. Stan thinks that Bogey ate the collar, then took a stroll over to the yard sale.

There, neighbors told him, the woman coaxed Bogey into her SUV and took off.

Stan said his wife, Sandy Quintero, "is sobbing constantly. She adores him.''

Their 15-year-old daughter has been crying on Bogey's pillow.

So far, the family has distributed 500 fliers with Bogey's picture on them. They're offering a $1,000 reward: no questions asked. He is microchipped, so any vet who sees him can identify him

I'm hoping that whoever has Bogey will do the right thing and return him. He's a beautiful boy and his family needs him back.

Call 305-274-7653 if you have any information about Bogey, and click here to see his picture:


Anonymous cyndi said...

I just want to htank Ellie for posting this-- there are so many unwatned pets -when one is wanted we need to get it back home

8:52 AM  
Anonymous cyndi said...

I just want to thank you Ellie for posting this-- there are so many unwatned pets -when one is wanted we need to get it back home

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We more than empathize with this family. Our beloved blonde Golden male, Morgan, wandered out the front door when someone left it open into the streeet in front of our house. A neighbor saw a woman stop her car and coax him (Goldens don't need much coaxing) into her car. He was on serious medications for a heart ailment and we've never seen him since. With all the dogs that are abandoned and in need of loving homes, I will never understand why someone would steal another person's pet. Perhaps this family will be luckier than we were, and get their Bogey back.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Stan, Sandy and Cata said...

Dear Ellie,
You have been instrumental in helping us to get the word out about our Bogey's theft. I have no doubt that the exposure that you helped us get was a big reason the heartless thief let him go! God Bless all that helped us especially the Angels at Golden Rescue! We love you all for helping to bring our family back together. Thanks to you all, he's lying at my feet right now as I write after a swim, bath and a good meal ... He’s a tired pup and so am I! I hope this never happens to anyone, but if it does, NEVER give up and don’t forget to call Ellie!!

Thank you so much!
Stan, Sandy and Cata

10:33 PM  
Blogger Paws said...

Please don't think me heartless, but you cannot leave your dog unattended in your yard - no matter the fencing and gates. Dogs don't think about getting out and the dangers - they are live for the mo' kind of creatures. Puppies especially haven't a clue - perhaps that is why I am a "gimme an old dog" kind of gal. I am delighted the family was reunited with their dog, but you have to keep your pets indoors when you are not home. I know that when I find a dog running loose, I stop to help, and sometimes I take that dog home with me - do I risk leaving the dog running loose in the streets? We get a leash and go back to the neighborhood and I hope the dog takes me to his home. If not, the dog comes back home with me. Signs are posted, flyers handed out, and contacts are made with animal control, humane organizations, breed rescue, local vets, and Pets911. Sometimes the dogs are reunited with their owners, other times no one steps forward. There are rules you have to follow when you find a stray animal and we should all observe them; but sometimes the humans don't make that effort. Bogey's escape should serve as a reminder to pet owners everywhere, that it is OUR responsibility to keep our pets safe from their own sense of adventure. When you leave, the animal is inside your home. If you have a dog who can get out of any collar - you look until you find one he can't get off - Martingale type collars are good choices. Accidents happen - I've been there myself; but you take as many precautions as possible so that you can say you've done your best.


12:13 PM  

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