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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's a New York Dog's Life

People come to New York, they want to see the sights, take in some shows, eat in great restaurants. I'm here several days a month (for family reasons) and my favorite attraction is the doggy gym/spa around the corner from my parents' apartment. It's called Biscuits & Bath, and it's a regular stop for me, at least once a day.

In a city where professional dog walkers can actually make a living doing only that -you should see them, with 8, 10 dogs at a time hitched to a metal ring at the walker's waist - nothing is too good for many apartment dwellers' canine companions. You can easily spend $25 a day on walks, even more on day care.

Biscuits & Bath, which has plate-glass windows running the length of the gym so that passersby can watch the antics, has scores of day-care clients. For part of the day, the small and medium dogs get to romp in the gym with human playmates who toss balls, dance around, and roll on the floor (there's a preponderance of Jack Russells and pugs in this group).

Then it's the big dogs' turn (this group seems heavy on retrievers), so whenever I stop by, I'm treated to a spectacle of leaping and barking and neck chewing. It makes me not miss my own critters so much.


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