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Monday, April 03, 2006

Humane Society-Adopt a Pet Canine Brunch: What a Hoot!

Bassetts and Yorkies and Scotties, oh my!

They came in matching dog/human outfits, in baby strollers, in dazzling crystal collars, to yesterday's Humane Society of Greater Miami and Adopt a Pet Canine Brunch at the swanky Surf Club on Miami Beach, an annual fundraiser that includes a silent auction and raffle. (Susana Escayola, above, with Blackjack and Poker)

Some 400 people and about half as many dogs dined on a buffet of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, salads, turkey, chopped liver, lox, and outrageous desserts; who even wanted the dog biscuts scattered under the amusing centerpieces of giant white mums turned into doggie faces, with all that fabulous "people food?''

Certainly not the two that my boyfriend, Jake, and I brought from our combined brood: Harley, the wolf hybrid, and Shadow the golden. They were so full that by the time we got home, they were literally belly up on the floor, their tongues hanging out of their mouths.

Everyone behaved wonderfully, though the wait staff had to execute various deft maneuvers to avoid unfortunate encounters of the canine kind.

(Many kudos and much applause went to Roye Levin, Adopt a Pet's founder, for organizing the event (he attended with his beloved dogs Scottie Bonnie, and little Corey, a mixed terrier). He swears it's the last time he'll do it, but I suspect that the pursuasive powers of Humane's executive director, Emily Marquez, will ultimately triumph).

I ran around madly snapping pictures of dogs: under tables, in laps, perched in chairs with white cloth napkins around their necks, and here they are, in two galleries:

First gallery

Second gallery


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