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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Miami Beach Dogs Fight City Hall and Win! (for now)

Here's an update on the Beach Walk situation (thanks to reader Jo Manning, who says she doesn't have a dog but loves critters):

"The Neighborhoods Committee passed a 6-month extension for the dogs on the Beach Walk. Dog owners and dog lovers in attendance were stunned at the skewed survey cited as evidence by the Department of Public Works [that dogs were making a mess] and the vagueness centering around how often the Beach Walk is cleaned.

"First we heard every morning and every afternoon, then once a week. Well, the bottom line is that there is little if any doggie doo deposited on this stretch of paved walkway from 14th to 21st Streets. Also, note that the doggie-doo plastic dispensers are rarely filled. If there are really workers cleaning up the Beach Walk every day, there is no excuse for not filling the dispensers.

"Yes, there are rogue dogs -- attached to rogue owners -- and these owners should be fined, but the responsible dog owners far, far outnumber the outlaws.

"And when is someone going to clean up the broken glass on the Beach Walk, repair the vandalized rope fences, and sweep away the beach sand? The maintenance is woeful, indeed. Can't blame this stuff on the dogs!''


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