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Friday, February 17, 2006

Jubilation in Bull Terrier Nation

Rufus, the Colored Bull Terrier that won Best in Show at Westminster, is now a canine superstar, and his victory has thrilled and electrified breed fanciers everywhere. Here's a digest of some e-mail messages from Ed Mclean of Fort Pierce, who directed me to, the Bull Terrier Club website, where you can learn all about the breed and see lots of pictures.

Note especially the ''buyer beware'' section, which cautions against buying from non-AKC breeders ("BTCA Rescue Support is reporting an alarming number of young Bull Terriers given up by their owners due to severe health and temperament problems. These dogs, who have not been properly socialized, are being imported from outside the U.S. with no regard to recommended health testing for the sire and dam (parents). They are being sold in excess of $2000.00 each and are not AKC registered. These owners have little recourse to recover their purchase price and these dogs are not eligible for showing or breeding a registered litter.'')

Ed tells me he's very involved in Bull Terrier rescue.

"BTs are high energy dogs that can be very destructive, and don't always listen so well if untrained. Right now we have four or five here in South Florida that we're working in feverishly to find new homes for. And today, after Rufus's win, we've had 6 inquires about dogs we have in our rescue system, so maybe that's a really good thing!''

He says that "the Bull Terrier Nation is ECSTATIC over Rufus’ win on Tuesday night! We’re a very small breed and although we compete against each other – when it comes to the Group or Best In Show – WE ARE ONE! This win couldn’t happen for any two better people than Tom and Barb Bishop. They’re the “regular” folks of the dog show world and not the strangeniks that were so accurately depicted in the movie “Best In Show.”

"This win wasn’t only for the Bull Terrier Nation – it was for all the “bully breeds:” American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers included. We’ve always felt it was the cute little “fuzzies” that received the most attention and for years the “bully breeds” never stood a chance. In fact, most of us didn’t even stick around to show our breed winners in the Group ring because we really never felt we had an honest chance.

"Things started to change a year or two before Rufus burst onto the scene. A fabulous, flashy red/white bitch – Ch. Highview’s Gold Dust – started to get Group recognition and placements at the bigger shows and then Rufus came in and really got the ball rolling for our breed. Thanks to Rufus, more and more of the “bully breeds” are now receiving Group recognitions and placements on almost a regular basis.

''Anyhow, thanks for the fabulous coverage for The Miami Herald – one of my very favorite newspapers. Keep up the great work!''

Thanks, Ed, for the info and kudos.


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